About Us

What is The Plutarch Project?

The Plutarch Project has been created to immortalize the memory of our loved ones (furry, feathered, and scaly ones included!). Through the journey called life each of us encounter special souls who leave a distinctive mark on our identity, our lives, and our memories. These people range from beloved parents, to dear friends, to life-altering teachers or mentors, to coworkers, and even those special beings we call pets. All are deserving of their own special place in the history books and now that chance is available to all for free. The Plutarch Project is a place where their memory will remain for future generations to explore and enjoy.

Sometimes it is our furry friends who give us those special memories that leave a mark on our lifetime.  The Plutarch Project is a place to give them a proper mark in the history of the world. The Plutarch Project is a place for everyone.

The Name

Plutarch (Πλούταρχος) was an ancient Greek biographer who recorded the lives of his famous contemporaries illuminating the various vices and virtues of his day in his work, Lives. While Plutarch and the rest of the world have created memorials for the rich, powerful, and well-known the Plutarch Project aims to do something different. It isn’t the rich, famous, and powerful we hope to immortalize. Instead, The Plutarch Project focuses on the everyday folks and animals who make up the bulk of this beautiful world. It’s their untold stories and memories that have been waiting to be heard. Now, they finally can be.


You can start by registering and making a profile. When you create a profile you can create it for yourself or for your loved one. If you choose to create a profile for yourself don’t forget to post about your loved ones in the forums. If you decide to make a profile for your loved one feel free to share it on other social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.. If you don’t want to make a profile, no problem! You do not need a profile to post or comment on a thread.


Every person has a lifetime of stories and lessons to share. The Plutarch Project: People is a forum where the memories of loved ones can be posted, shared, and commented on. Users can do the following:

*post a photo

*link to outside websites (such as Facebook Memorial pages or Youtube)

*comment on other’s posts

*leave behind their own special memories on their created forum page.

The goal of the project is to create a unique time capsule of who that person was to those who they have departed. In the short term this allows for us to share the brilliance of those who touched our lives. In the long term, it allows for future generations to look back on their heritage and smile at the lives of those who came before them. It gives their children, grandchildren, nieces nephews, and family friends to get to know a special piece of their heritage. Be sure to come back when those aged memories bubble to the surface and leave a comment!


It’s not only people that touch our lives but also the pets who have brought so much joy to life. The Plutrach Project: Pets is a forum dedicated to their memory. From our furry friends to the less traditional animal friend all forum posts are welcome. Feel free to post a picture of your dearly departed furry/scaly/feathery friends and share some of the great moments you had with them.

Are you ready to save the past?

Start today by registering and posting in the forums.