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    Spot was the first dog I ever personally had. When I was just a wee-lad my parent’s took me to get her. I was too young to recall too much anymore about our early times together. But, I’ll never forget the anticipation and excitement I felt on the ride to get my first puppy.
    My father walked me up to the pen the litter was in and said, “Alright, you get to choose one. Make sure it’s a good hunting dog, though.” After looking around for a few moments I spotted the pupper that would later be known as “Spot.”
    Well, she was a good hunter and an even better childhood companion. We would play for hours during those early years together. I’d run and she’d chase me down then lick my face as I laughed and laughed. Later we’d play fetch with slobbery tennis balls and well worn frisbees. During those early winters there was many a night where I fell asleep with an arm across her until my parents would put me back into bed.
    She lived until I was in high school. The morning of her passing she could barely walk so I picked her up and put her inside, covered her with a blanket, gave her a kiss on the head, and left for class. When I came home my father broke the news to me that she was gone. We dug a hole for her in the backyard, placed a tree sapling above it, and said our good-byes. Today that tree is taller than the house and is a reminder of all those beautiful days spent with Spot.

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