John Nieubuurt Jr (Part 2)

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    Part 2
    Midway through the 80’s John got into weightlifting and bodybuilding. he was competitive by nature, so it only seemed natural to try and compete. He opened his own gym with a friend that included free weights and tanning facilities. He ran this alongside with his painting business. After 2-3 years of serious training (including training with the legendary Frank Zane) he began to compete. In 1984 he won the title of Mr. Sierra Nevada: Overall Champion. He then went onto the state competition winning 3rd place. He told me that it was a rather crazy time in his life. He would see folks using a selling anabolic steroids in his gym and freely admitted that he had used them during that time (which he later said he regretted). That same year he married my mother (Ramona).

    He continued running two businesses but later sold/closed the gym due to disagreements with his partner (?). In December of 1987 I came along and thus began a new stage of John’s life. During that time John had bought property in Fish Springs Nevada (part of Douglas County). He had horses, dogs, and cats. When Josh was 6 months(?) old he took him on a plane and went out to visit his mother, Joyce, in Arkansas.

    In the late 80’s construction in Northern Nevada began to slowly pick up (which would later culminate in a housing boom throughout the nineties and early 2000’s). John was a machine. His competitive nature and internal motivation ushered in an era of business success as a painting contractor. He painted houses in Dayton, Carson City, and Douglas county. He worked for companies such as Landmark, Westridge homes, as well as countless private home owners.

    Aside from work he also enjoyed taking trips to Montana and other nature-based places. Sometimes he would go chukar hunting with friends, go on trips with Ramona, or go on a family outing to go fishing or hiking.

    It was during the early nineties when John and Ramona decided to leave Douglas county to move to the relatively rural Dayton, NV. They built a house on Gold Creek Drive. John continued painting as his son grew. He and Ramona became friends with the neighbors, the Delaski family. After a while John and Ramona decided it was time to move again. They purchased property down the street but while it was being built they rented a house on Johnson Lane in Douglas county. Afterward they returned to Dayton living on a large piece of property on Dayton Valley Road. They resided here for a few years. During this time Josh entered into elementary school. John, along with his friend Bill Delaski whose son’s were also becoming elementary school age, began coaching little league and recreation league basketball team for children. It was during this time that John also met another lifelong family to befriend, the Aakers.

    Sometime during the early to mid nineties John also purchased property in Montana (I’ll try to find the exact property at a future time). He had hoped to move there and continue his painting/construction career. It never did materialize but it was often talked about in the household. John was still into chukar hunting and owned several dogs throughout the early nineties including: Deserae (a mild mannered dog), Shilo (whom he despised for her wild antics and escape attempts), and Spot. John continued hunting chukar, pheasant, deer, and elk with his friends.

    After a few years John and Ramona decided to move again this time across the river. After some heavy house shopping they chose a place located on River Rd. After some remodeling and yard maintenance it became a little piece of paradise. Here the family decided to raise turkeys, chickens, goats, and puppies. John would often be seen cutting the grass on a riding lawnmower, watering trees he and Ramona had planted, and taking walks down to the river which was just about a stones throw away from their property.

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    Big Bad John with Frank Zane

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    I was sixteen and just got my drivers license. I didn’t drive very well and had trouble with a stick shift. John had bought a beautiful white corvette, he threw me the keys and told me to take her for a spin. I thought he was joking, he wasn’t. I was so excited to show off for all my friends. I drove to the Minden Park where I was sure to be seen. About half way around the park, I stalled the car. I couldn’t get it started. I kept thinking John is going to kill me. Not having cell phones I had to find a phone booth and call John. I told him I broke his car and worse it was parked in the middle of the road. I was crying and John started to laugh. He said,” I thought this might happen.” Evidently there was an anti theft button that you had to push before you turned the key. John had pressed it before I started the car the first time. He told me go press the button and bring her on home. Boy did he laugh and teased me about it for years.

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    I fondly recall taking trips down to the river and using our bows to try and “fish” for carp. For my dad it was just practice with old, worn out arrows. For me it was an impossible endeavor. He would set up a 2d deer target, or a large bale of hay with a paper target, and practice for an hour or two a day after work. He was always 100% committed to the things he found interesting enough to pursue.

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