Some people would like to dig even deeper into their history. For that you will need DNA testing. DNA testing allows you to unveil the hidden bloodlines of your ancestry. Scientist sifting through your genetic code can also discover hints to increase your level of health and make you aware of certain inherited risks. You can learn more about genetic testing by clicking on this sentence.

The 23andMe test allows for both health and ancestry genetic screening. 23 and Me will use your saliva to unlock the secrets hidden in your DNA. You will receive over 75 different reports after they have finished analyzing your DNA. It takes about 6-8 weeks from start to finish.

AncestryDNA is the number one selling product for consumer DNA testing. If you’re just looking to delve into your genetic heritage without looking into your health this is the product for you. Ancestry DNA has the largest network with over 6 million people. Your results will list both countries and continents. AncestryDNA will also notify you of other people who you share DNA with.

After you receive your test feel free to share the results you’ve inherited from your loved ones in the forums!

Dog Ancestry
DNA testing is also available for dogs! With these test you can better understand your beloved dog’s unique breed heritage, wellness needs, behavior, and appearance. It also gives pet owners important information allowing them to be proactive about the health of their beloved dog.┬áThis test uses a non-invasive cheek swab to collect DNA. The process will take about two to four weeks after the sample is collected and sent via the mail. Dog owners will receive a costume photo certificate along with their results.