A look into the past

After the invention of the camera and lasting photography technology in the early to mid 1800’s a whole new world of information sharing began. Here’s a look at a few interesting photographs from the 1800’s. These photos are meant to get you thinking about the past and to imagine what the future may hold.

Russian Butcher circa 1865
Crawling Children’s doll patented in 1871
Bandit’s Roost (1888), by Jacob Riis, from “How the Other Half Lives.” This was the most dangerous parts of all of New York City.
The original cat lady
Dunkurk Church after the battle of Antietam (1862)
California redwood lumberjacks (1880’s). photographer A.W. Ericson
Ottoman Empire’s Imperial Naval Arsenal divers, 1893. Abdul Hamid II Collection (Library of Congress)
Paris Opera House 1899

USS Miami 1864-65. U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph.
Worker in paris catacomb (Felix Nadar) 1860’s

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